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And Then We Lived Happily Ever After: The Perfect Collaboration

It’s funny how collaborations often start. People believe it is all about business meetings and online networking groups; for many, that is how the ‘magic begins’. But some of the best relationships I have built (business and personal) have been through chance meetings, which is pretty unique. Two people that just happen to meet because of a shared hobby or mutual friend get talking and find out they have more in common than initially meets the eye. They might even discover they have shared business goals and can work together to smash them.

I met Andrew on the school ‘run’ – literally. He was always cool, calm and collected (well, on the outside), and I was always a sweaty, stressed mess, running to catch the door before the bell sounded. It was like being at school myself all over again. My timekeeping was always rubbish back then, so nothing has changed. Andrew and I clicked. He loved talking about his family, and I later found out that this was a massive motivation behind his work. But at the time, he didn’t brag about his business; I just knew him as the dad from the school that enjoyed a natter like me and occasionally wore ripped jeans – also like me. This isn’t a blog designed to blow anyone’s trumpet, but it is an opportunity to say Andrew is humble and cares about building friendships and helping others. Those are the people I enjoy working with.

When Andrew discovered I was a copywriter, we started discussing McKenzie Law Partners and how we could work together. I’ll be honest; I was keen on a collaboration as I knew he would be fun to work with…and fair. I am also passionate about what his firm does to help people. That is the beauty of being freelance; you can cherry-pick the jobs that bring you joy. But I am humble enough to admit I was nervous. I don’t know much about law, and it does not sit in my comfort zone. I have never worked with a lawyer or a solicitor because, to me, their websites are full of things I don’t understand. Their blogs and articles include reels of jargon that fly straight over my head. But Andrew wanted to work with me and challenged my opinion on whether I was the right person for the job. This amused and intrigued me in equal measure.

In a nutshell, Andrew wanted McKenzie Law Partners to work with a copywriter who wasn’t from a legal background because he wanted his marketing to be straightforward and, most importantly, transparent. By the end of our ‘very’ long chat (we can both talk for England), I was sold. He had a clear idea of what he wanted to write and how to deliver that message to McKenzie Law Partner's target audience. They didn’t want their marketing material to read like everyone else in his industry because their target audience would not understand or be interested in that. Everything had to be clear and informative but also relatable by all; by that, he meant from any walk of life.

Our combined goal was to ensure the firm's services appealed to anyone that needed them…not just a select few and certainly not just the elite. He was confident I could copy-edit his website text and his blogs because he knew I would understand them - he had made sure of that. My writing style is informal and friendly, which reflects Andrew’s personality and whole business ethos. It was a perfect fit.

We have worked together for several months now, and our relationship is easy. You might think that’s a strange word choice, but I don’t. I get the business and who they are trying to reach, and they have confidence in my understanding of their mission. Andrew is transparent about the part every team member plays in the business, and that’s where the idea for my blog came from. He writes everything himself because he knows exactly what the firm wants to say, but then little ol’ me comes along and edits it to perfection. Andrew is a great writer, but we agree that the message of McKenzie Law Partners shouldn’t just be great; it should be bold and passionate and highlight what the company truly stands for. I am pretty confident that, as a team, we achieve that.

If you are interested in McKenzie Law Partners' services but aren’t sure whether they are the right people to support you, then I genuinely believe their website and blogs will help you make that decision. But how are Andrew and his team different, you might ask? Well, that’s easy. Children and family law are all they focus on, so they can specialise in one area. In their words, ‘We want to take a different approach. It’s about working as a team and having the right people behind you. That’s our ethos, and we are proud of it.’

When I first met Andrew, I knew he was a decent guy, but I had no idea we would collaborate. I thought legal ‘copy’ (sorry, that’s my own industry jargon coming out) was a minefield of big scary words that no one could understand, but I was wrong. McKenzie Law Partners’ aim in all their marketing and even the way they speak to their clients is to use language that is easy to understand without being patronising. Because let’s be honest, if you’re going through a stressful time, the last thing you need is mind-blowing legal jargon to battle with. You need someone who will get to the point, be honest and genuine, and support you to find the happy future you deserve. Andrew and the team will do that.

Sometimes a random meet-up can result in something pretty cool. You never know what’s around the corner at any stage of life, so hang in there and have a little faith…

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